IPEN 2020 Encryption Webinar

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IPEN 2020 Encryption Webinar

IPEN 2020 Encryption Webinar

IPEN workshops bring together privacy experts and engineers from public authorities, industry, academia and civil society to discuss relevant challenges and developments for the technological implementation of data protection and privacy.

The EDPS organised on 24 June 2020 an Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN)

Webinar on the Use of Encryption for Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)

The webinar was a follow-up event to the online workshop held on 3 June 2020 on the state of the art in encryption and its role as a safeguard for data protection and privacy. The common objective for both events was to add more technical knowledge and better understanding to the debates on privacy and encryption, by promoting the understanding of already available technologies, and encouraging their development and use when processing personal data.