The Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) was launched in 2014. It is a practical initiative encouraging the development of methodologies and tools which can effectively foster privacy-enhancing technologies or PETs.

It supports the creation of engineer groups working on (re)-usable building blocks, design patterns and other tools for selected internet use cases where privacy is at stake.

IPEN welcomes participants from different areas such as data protection authorities, academia, open source and business development and other individuals who are committed to finding engineering solutions to privacy challenges.

The objective of the work should be to integrate data protection and privacy into all phases of the development process, from the requirements phase to production, as it is most appropriate for the development model and the application environment.

 It supports networking between engineer groups and existing initiatives for engineering privacy into the internet. This network facilitates exchange in order to coordinate work and avoid duplication, in addition to discussing which privacy oriented use cases should be addressed with priority.

 IPEN is building a repository of relevant resources, making its findings and knowledge base accessible to all participants, developers and privacy experts.

 A core group takes care of collection and distribution of information, liaises with other relevant initiatives, facilitates the dialogue on engineering solutions, and organises online and offline events.


Other Documents

IPEN Presentations

Available languages: English
Hannes Tschofenig – Privacy Considerations for Internet Protocols
Available languages: English
Rob van Eijk – Privacy Risk Assessment as an Engineering
Available languages: English
Stéphane Petitcolas – Mobilitics & Cookieviz Apps
Available languages: English
Massimo Attoresi – Privacy Tools and a DPA’s View
Available languages: English
Frank Dawson – Privacy Engineering Process
Available languages: English