European Data Protection Supervisor
European Data Protection Supervisor

Supervision Coordination

Supervision Coordination

The European Union has set up a number of European large-scale IT systems whose supervision is shared between the national Data Protection Authorities ('DPAs') and the EDPS. In order to ensure a high and consistent level of protection, national DPAs and the EDPS work together in supervision coordination.

Currently, the following IT systems are subject to this supervision model:
•   Eurodac
•   Visa Information System (VIS)
•   Schengen Information System (SIS)
•   Customs Information System (CIS)
•   Internal Market Information System (IMI)

Some of these systems include vast amounts of data - for example, Eurodac contains fingerprints of more than two million persons and the VIS tracks millions of visa applications per year.

While there are slight differences between the legal bases for these systems, in general they establish that national DPAs and the EDPS shall cooperate to ensure coordinated supervision. To this end, representatives of the national DPAs and of the EDPS meet regularly - usually twice a year - to discuss common issues regarding supervision. Activities include inter alia joint inspections and inquiries and work on a shared methodology.

The Secretariat of those groups is provided by the EDPS.