Fame vs Privacy: 15 seconds of fame for loss of personal data. What does data protection mean to GEN Z and GEN Alpha digital users?

EDPS trainees

With 77% of Gen Z willing to share personal data with big social media companies to become famous on social media, and 45% of Gen Z and Gen Alpha believing that companies should not be able to give their personal data to third parties, this first podcast episode explores these two generations’ relationship with data and privacy.

Against this background, we shed a light on the Digital Service Act (DSA) Package and how it can influence the future of Big Tech companies’ business model, especially when it comes to targeted advertising. In this episode, we aim to tackle the following questions: How does targeted advertising affect Gen Z and Gen Alpha. These are some of the questions we tackle with special contributions from Anna Colaps, Member of the EDPS Cabinet, and expert in data protection, data-driven markets and ethics.


Anna Colaps

Member of the EDPS Cabinet

Anna Colaps is Member of the Cabinet of the Supervisor, at the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). Anna holds a PhD in EU law from the University of Naples on the interaction between data protection, privacy and competition law in data-driven markets. Her main domain of expertise is digital markets and economy, privacy and competition, ethics and innovation, artificial intelligence, online manipulation and disinformation.