Trainings for Heads of Unit/Heads of Sector – New Dates


Trainings for Heads of Unit/Heads of Sector – New Dates

Dates: 2 May 2018, 2 July 2018
Time: 12.00 - 14.00
Location: EUSA, Jean-André de Motstraat 24, 1040 Etterbeek

EU institutions' managers can enrol online here in EU learn.

Trainings for Heads of Unit/Heads of Sector given by the EDPS in the framework of the European School of Administration (EUSA) lunch conference.

Subject/purpose of the training

Everyday, Heads of Units/ Heads of Sectors in the EU institutions and bodies collect, use or store (process) personal data in the course of their work. From selection and recruitment, staff appraisals, administrative inquiries, organising meetings, managing visitors to dealing with contracts, grants and tenders, personal data is everywhere! Also, drafting legislative proposals, implementing or delegated acts (or international agreements) may lead to processing of personal data in many cases.

The law applicable to the EU institutions and bodies when they process personal data of individuals is about to change. The new Regulation will come into effect in 2018 (repealing Regulation (EC) 45/2001) and has significant implications for all those dealing with personal data in their work.

The updated rules will impose new obligations but will also remove some administrative burdens. This course aims to help you prepare for these new rules. The course gives you a practical overview of your obligations as Heads of Units/Heads of Sectors within the EU institutions: data protection's principles, your institution's "accountability" in practice, how to embed data protection principles in new procedures and projects under your responsibility, what to do in case of personal data breaches, how to ensure data protection compliance in your procurement procedures and much more.