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European Data Protection Supervisor



The Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor participate in a wide range of conferences and meetings. They are also invited to contribute editorials to newspapers, magazines and journals. You can find their speeches and articles, as well as our speaking engagements policy, in this section.



Workshop: Data Protection within International Organizations

The EDPS and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are co-organising the 6th edition of the Data Protection Workshop within International Organizations, which will take place on 11–12 May at the IOM in Geneva.

This workshop, initiated by the EDPS over ten years ago, aims at bringing together International Organisations to:

  • Share experience and best practice in the field of data protection and analyse its impact as part of good governance within International Organisations;
  • Summarise the most recent regulatory developments at international level in the area of privacy and data protection and analyse the potential implications of such developments for International Organisations;
  • Analyse the state of play of data protection within International Organisations;
  • Discuss the progress made since the last workshop.

Topics which will be covered at this year's workshop include cloud computing, processing of health data, the role of the Data Protection Officer, and data transfers to International Organisations under the GDPR.

Video of the event can be found here.

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EU Open Day - Brussels




Your personal information is collected, shared, used and stored by individuals, organisations and public authorities every day. Recruitment activities, video surveillance and health data collection are just a few examples of this. It is the job of the EDPS to ensure that the European institutions and bodies respect your data protection rights when they process your personal data.

The EDPS stand will be at the European Commission as part of the EU institutions' Europe Day celebrations.

Located on the ground floor of the Berlaymont building, EDPS staff will be on hand to answer questions about your privacy rights and how to protect your personal information. Free goodies and information will be on offer, as well as fun and interactive activities for both children and adults to enjoy. You will also have a chance to win one of 20 USB sticks, simply by taking part in our fun, simple quiz!

Whether shopping online, using a smartphone or applying for jobs, data protection affects us all, so be sure to visit our stand to find out more!

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