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Personal Data Breaches in a Nutshell


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All EU institutions, offices, bodies and agencies process personal data to recruit staff, pay salaries or negotiate service contracts, for example. If this personal data is lost, stolen or obtained accidently or deliberately, it is a personal data breach. What can you do if a personal data breach occurs? When should the breach be communicated to individuals? This factsheet will help you deepen your knowledge on personal data breaches.

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The EDPS quick-guide to necessity and proportionality

Processing of personal data - be it collection, storage, use or disclosure - constitutes a limitation on the right to the protection of personal data and must comply with EU law. This requires ensuring that it is both necessary and proportional.

The 8 steps outlined in "The EDPS quick-guide to necessity and proportionality" will help you assess the compatibility of measures impacting the  fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Available languages: English