The Data Protection Officer team at the EDPS

The new data protection rules applicable to the EU institutions are in line with those in the General Data Protection Regulation, applicable to EU member states.

The new rules aim to make the EU institutions more accountable in the way they process personal data.

Based on the law, all EU institutions must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The task of the DPO is to ensure, in an independent manner, that the institution complies with the data protection law and protects individuals’ rights and freedoms by protecting effectively their personal data.

The role of the DPO at the EDPS presents many challenges: being independent within an independent institution, meeting the high expectations of colleagues who are particularly aware and sensitive about data protection issues, and delivering solutions that can serve as benchmarks for other institutions. The DPO is supported by an Assistant DPO.

We are currently drafting the EDPS’ own rules on the role of the DPO based on the new Regulation. More info will appear on this site as soon as ready. They will take into account the position paper drafted by the EDPS as a supervisory authority on the DPO role in EU institutions.

The EDPS DPO also collaborates with the DPOs of the other EU institutions in the relevant network.

You can find on this page  your data protection rights when the EDPS processes your personal data and how to exercise these rights.

In any circumstances you can always address directly the DPO and Assistant DPO by sending an e-mail to: