Cabinet of the Supervisor

The Cabinet of the Supervisor supports him in his daily work. It advises and assists the Supervisor and organizes the work in respect of documents approval, briefing requests and speaking engagements. 
Cabinet members accompany the Supervisor at his external meetings and are responsible for day-to-day political relationships of the EDPS. 

Anna Colaps 

Responsible, among others, for the work of EDPS in the field of digital markets and economy, privacy and competition, ethics and innovation, online manipulation and disinformation, digital health, data for scientific research, involvement with Civil Society and Academia. 

Kazimierz Ujazdowski

Responsible, among others, for the works of the EDPS in the field of supervision of EUIs, policies in the field of JHA, membership in the EDPB, international cooperation.

Maria Josè Salas Moreno 

Responsible, among others, for the Supervisor’s agenda and missions, Protocol, preparation of files for the Supervisor’ meetings and administrative support to the Supervisor and the members of the Cabinet.