case law digest

Case Law Digest 2021: Transfers of personal data to third countries

EDPS Case Law Digest from Lindqvist to Schrems II

roundtable of DPOs

DPOs - EDPS 49th meeting: a menu of workshops and exchanges on current data protection issues

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Image of the coverpage of the factsheet on audits

What to expect when we inspect - Data protection audits explained

EDPS factsheets on data protection audits

eppo logo

EDPS statement on EPPO becoming operational

transfers of data

The EDPS opens two investigations following the “Schrems II” Judgement

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TechDispatch on Facial Emotion Recognition

Facial Emotion Recognition is the technology that analyses facial expressions from both static images and videos in order to reveal information on one’s emotional state.

birthday cake to symbolise the GDPR's third birthday

GDPR: a three-year-old who must still learn to walk before it runs

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Personal Data Breaches in a Nutshell

Personal Data Breaches in a Nutshell

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Europe Day 2021

Europe Day 2021

On 9 May, we celebrate Europe Day - we must cherish European solidarity and unity. To mark this day, we have prepared a Scrollytelling-page.