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The EDPS participated in the Hate Speech and Security Summit in Rome. The Summit was organised by the Italian Presidency of the G7 and was also attended by seven Bar Associations.
The initiative was aimed at developing a common strategy and reinforcing the importance of protecting human dignity and the right to privacy in the era of hate speech and fake news.
In his intervention, Giovanni Buttarelli stressed the importance of political will, a common framework and the wise use of new technologies.

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The EU data protection framework is about to change , read blogpost by Giovanni Buttarelli.


How do millennials relate to digital life and privacy? Read blogpost by Giovanni Buttarelli


Meeting on convergence and cooperation between EU and Japan on data protection.


In March this year, my respected colleague Ventislav Karadjov, Chairman of CPDP and I announced that we will jointly be hosting the 40th ICDPPC.

20 September 2017

Giovanni Buttarelli meeting with ACRO's privacy expertise leaders to discuss implementation of GDPR, Brussels, Belgium

21 September 2017

EDPS intervention at ECDC@EU Program, Speech by Wojciech Wiewiórowski via videoconference, Solna, Sweden

21 September 2017

Giovanni Buttarelli meeting with Georges Ataya, Professor at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Brussels, Belgium