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Eleven months have passed since the Commission issued its proposal for the new Regulation governing data protection in the EU institutions and bodies. The EDPS calls for a swift agreement on the new Regulation, so that EU institutions can lead by example in the rules that they apply to themselves as controllers and processors. Read the Statement.


There is a clear need for the EU to develop a more efficient system for exchanging information on the criminal records of non-EU citizens.


In the last few weeks, I have been asked to look beyond the GDPR to imagine future scenarios for regulation of digital rights in the EU and around the world.


The latest edition of the EDPS Newsletter is online now!


There has been continuous and steady progress in the way in which EU institutions comply with data protection rules.

7 December 2017

"GDPR Countdown", Speech by Giovanni Buttarelli (via videolink) at Privacy & Identity Lab Annual Conference, The Hague, Netherlands

12 December 2017

DPO Circle, Data Protection Day, Discover best practices and case studies from Data Protection Experts, Keynote speech by Giovanni Buttarelli, Brussels, Belgium

14 December 2017

Joint meeting of the Ethics Advisory Group and the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies, Concluding remarks by Giovanni Buttarelli, Brussels, Belgium

15 December 2017

Giovanni Buttarelli meeting with DPOs of ETNO companies, Brussels, Belgium

19 December 2017

Giovanni Buttarelli meeting Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Italian Republic, Rome, Italy