International Conferences

The annual International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners' conference gathers not only public officials from (inter)national and sub-national authorities, but also other experts in the field. It is a wider meeting than the European conference not only in the geographical sense, but also in that it brings together industry representatives and academics.

The international conference is an opportunity for data protection stakeholders in Europe to meet colleagues from Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan and other jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region. Matters of common interest and concern, challenges for the future, and how to work together and find a way forward are discussed.



Global Privacy Assembly Closed Session 2020 - At your desk

Global Privacy Assembly Closed Session 2020 - At your desk

When: 13-15 October 2020

Where: Online session

The newly renamed Global Privacy Assembly (formerly known as International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners - ICDPPC) took place this year 2020 during the period from October the 13th to October the 15th. This year's event wasn't immune to the COVID-19 pandemic currently occurring. Consequently the place of the event, which initially was planned to be held in Mexico City, had to be changed to a virtual setting, making it the first time that such an occasion was organized online.

Following you can find the resolutions adopted during this year's GPA:


Resolution on Facial Recognition Technology
Available languages: English
Resolution on the Role of Personal Data Protection in International Development Aid, International Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management
Available languages: English
Resolution on Accountability in the Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence
Available languages: English
Resolution on the Privacy and Data Protection Challenges arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Available languages: English
Resolution on Joint Statements on Emerging Issues
Available languages: English


Resolution to address the role of human error in personal data breaches
Available languages: English
Resolution to support and facilitate regulatory co-operation between data protection authorities and consumer protection and competition authorities
Available languages: English
Resolution on social media and violent extremist content online
Available languages: English
Resolution on the promotion of new and long-term practical instruments and continued legal efforts for effective cooperation in cross-border enforcement
Available languages: English
International resolution on privacy as a fundamental human right and precondition for exercising other fundamental rights
Available languages: English, French
Resolution on the conference’s strategic direction (2019-21)
Available languages: English

Climate crisis and digital rights: Can universal rights to dignity and privacy withstand the consequences of climate change in the coming decades?

Side event organised by the European Data Protection Supervisor at 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, Tirana

When: Tuesday 22 October 4.30-5.30 pm
Where: Palace of Congresses, Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, Tirana

In recent years, one million refugees from conflict zones including Syria endured great personal suffering to seek a new life in the stable democracies of Europe. This contributed to considerable disruption of political discourse in the host countries. Similar events have unfolded in other regions. A typical policy response has been to apply surveillance and control technologies such as collection of biometrics and location tracking. As climate change intensifies and conflict and displacement become more likely, poorer areas of the world will be the hardest hit, placing the notion of universal human rights under greater pressure than perhaps ever before. Multiple tiers of entitlement could emerge, with vulnerable migrants and refugees increasingly the objects of surveillance and control.  This panel will look at likely scenarios in the next 10-30 years and how to prevent the fracturing of human rights as collateral damage of global warming.


  • Patricia Adusei-Poku, Executive Director, Ghana Data Protection Commission
  • Mario Oetheimer – Deputy Head of Research and Data Unit, EU Agency for Fundamental Rights
  • Pam Dixon, Executive Director, World Privacy Forum
  • Christina Vasala Kokkinaki – Legal Officer, International Organisation for Migration
  • Massimo Marelli – Head of Data Protection Office, International Committee of the Red Cross

Moderated by Christian D'Cunha, Head of Private Office, European Data Protection Supervisor

Available languages: English