Technological advancement, most centrally big data processing and the interconnectedness of digital devices, allow for the collection and usage of personal data in increasingly complex and opaque ways, thus posing significant threats to privacy and data protection. Against this background, the EDPS ethics initiative has been calling for a broad understanding of privacy and data protection as core values central to protecting human dignity, autonomy and the democratic functioning of our societies. For more information on the EDPS work on ethics click here.



Strategy 2015-2019

This report sets out the Strategy adopted by the EDPS for the period 2015-2019. As data protection affects almost every EU policy area and is a key factor in legitimising and increasing trust in EU policies, the new EDPS Strategy aims to provide a framework through which to promote a culture of data protection in the European institutions. It also promotes the idea of toolkits for policymakers to help them develop innovative solutions to data protection challenges.


Strategy 2015-2019 - Leading by Example
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Annual Management Plan 2019 Summary - Promoting a new culture of data protection
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Administrative inquiries and disciplinary proceedings - EFCA

Opinion on a notification for prior checking regarding the processing of personal data in the framework of administrative inquiries and disciplinary proceedings at EFCA (Case 2014-0628)

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