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In the EDPS Strategy 2015-2019, we outlined one of our priorities to assess an ethical dimension beyond the application of data protection rules; we want to encourage a better informed conversation on what big data and the internet of things will mean for our digital rights. These are not only European issues but global concerns.

In our Opinion of September 2015, Towards a New Digital Ethics, we urged the EU and also those responsible internationally, to promote an ethical dimension in future technologies to retain the value of human dignity and prevent individuals being reduced to mere data subjects.

In that Opinion, we also announced the setting up of an Ethics Advisory Group that will help the EDPS to better assess the ethical implications of how personal information is defined and used in the big data and artificial intelligence driven world.

In his decision of 3 December 2015, the EDPS set up an Ethics Advisory Group (Advisory Group) on the ethical dimensions of data protection.

The overall objective of the Advisory Group is to explore the relationships between human rights, technology, markets and business models in the 21st century from an ethical perspective, with particular attention to the implications for the rights to privacy and data protection in the digital environment.

The Group will be active between February 2016 and January 2018.

The Terms of Reference explain the role of the Advisory Group. The Members of the Advisory Group will be chosen following a Call for Interest, published on this website and in The Economist.

More background on the EDPS' work on digital ethics can be found in the Strategy adopted by the EDPS for the period 2015-2019 and in the EDPS Opinion of 11 September 2015 - Towards a new digital ethics: Data, Dignity and Technology.

Ethics Advisory Group - press kit



Public Consultation on Digital Ethics - Summary of outomes

On 15 June 2018, the EDPS launched a public consultation on digital ethics. The consultation took place as part of the EDPS Ethics Initiative and was open until 15 July 2018. A summary of the outcomes has now been published.



Ethics Advisory Group Report 2018

As part of the EDPS 2015-2019 strategy, the Ethics Advisory Group is set up with the mandate to explore the relationships between human rights, technology, markets and business models in the 21st century.

The EAG has now published its Report 2018.



Data Driven Life Workshop


Speakers' intervention:

Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor

Peter Burgess, Chair of the Ethics Advisory Group

Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information and Director of Research of the Digital Ethics Lab, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Anne Cambon Thomsen, Emeritus Research Director CNRS, Joint Unit of Epidemiology and Public Health, Inserm and University of Toulouse

Effy Vayena, Professor of Health Policy and Ethics, University of Zurich

Romain Bircher, Deputy Director of Communication and Information Management, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Geneva

Andrej Zwitter, Head of Political Science Department, University of Groningen

Elena Alfaro Martinez, Head of Data & Open innovation, BBVA

Cécile Wendling, Head of Foresight, AXA Group

Aurélie Pols, Data Governance and Privacy Engineer at Mind Your Privacy

Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Co-founder PersonalData.IO

Young Mie Kim, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Antoinette Rouvroy, Research Associate at the Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS), University of Namur

Dirk Helbing, Professor of Computational Social Science

Dino Pedreschi, Professor of Computer Science, University of Pisa - and

Jeroen Van Den Hoven, Professor of Ethics and Technology, Delft University of Technology



EDPS-EAG Workshop on Ethics

Videos of the workshop are available here:

Part 1 & Part 2.

Report of the workshopPDF icon


"Ethics at the root of privacy and as the future of data protection"

Address given by Giovanni Buttarelli at the event hosted by Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and the MIT Internet Policy Initiative and the MIT Media Lab



EDPS starts work on a New Digital Ethics

Today, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) announced that the work on a new Digital Ethics is ready to begin. The EDPS has launched a broader discussion, both in the EU and globally, on how to ensure the integrity of our values while embracing the benefits of new technologies.



Ethics Advisory Group

European Data Protection Supervisor decision establishing an external advisory group on the ethical dimensions of data protection (‘the Ethics Advisory Group’) OJ C 33, 28.1.2016