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Supervision Conference: Data protection and criminal justice

The European Data Protection Supervisor - EDPS, the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation - Eurojust, and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office - EPPO, are hosting a conference on data protection in the field of criminal justice in the EU.

  • When: 29 November 2022 from 8:45 to 18:00 CET
  • Where: Borschette Conference Centre, Brussels, Belgium / Online

The event will bring together data protection experts, criminal law practitioners and policymakers to reflect on data protection in criminal prosecution and judicial cooperation in the EU.

Taking stock of the latest developments concerning EPPO and Eurojust, we will discuss their impact on the related data protection framework. We will also consider the EDPS’ role as a supervisory authority and the ways to improve cooperation and compliance between the various organisations.

The conference is also an opportunity to continue the reflections started during the EDPS Conference 2022 - The future of data protection: Effective enforcement in the digital world. Participants will debate on how to ensure effective enforcement of data protection rules in the area of criminal law both at European and at national levels.

The three topics that will be covered during the conference are:

  • the recent changes in Eurojust’s legislative framework and their impact on the way the agency processes personal data;
  • a review of the first year of EPPO’s operations, in particular, the challenges and opportunities related to its heterogenic structure;
  • the potential improvements in the governance model to make supervision more effective and better coordinated at European and national level.

The conference agenda and speakers' bios are available on the dedicated page. 

If you missed the event or you want to re-play the discussion, you can watch the full recording of the conference from here:


You can also read the opening remarks by Wojciech Wiewiórowski, as well as the presentations delivered during the conference, which are available here below:



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Annual Report 2021

The EDPS Annual Report 2021 provides an overview of the EDPS’ supervisory activities that contribute to shaping Europe’s digital future. In particular, the Annual Report 2021 includes the EDPS’ work on international transfers of personal data; on COVID-19; on the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice; as well as the EDPS' legislative consultations and technology monitoring activities, to name a few examples.

The Executive Summary of the EDPS Annual Report 2021 will be made available in all official languages of the EU in due course.


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