Opinion on the draft Council Regulation (EC) laying down the form of the laissez-passer to be issued to members and servants of the institutions, OJ C 313, 20.12.2006, p. 36

The opinion analyses the draft Council Regulation on the community laissez-passer (CLP) to be issued to members and staff of the institutions and used as a diplomatic passport in third countries. According to the Council, as the initial implementation dated back to 1967, current security standards for EU travel documents require changes to the CLP.
The EDPS supports the proposal - albeit with some reservations, especially concerning the use of biometric data and reiterates his preference for the use of fallback procedures during the enrolment phase. The EDPS opposes the possible creation of central databases containing all the biometric data contained in the CLP for lack of proportionality.

The EDPS also stresses that the interoperability of the system with third countries' systems must not breach the purpose limitation principle of the processing of data. Moreover, the opinion also addresses the question of access by third countries.

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