Regulation 45/2001

Regulation 45/2001 lays down the obligations for the EU institutions when they process personal data such as the obligation for each of them to appoint a Data Protection Officer. It is also the Regulation that established the European Data Protection Supervisor to be the independent data protection authority who is tasked to ensure that the right to privacy is respected by European institutions and bodies and advise the EU legislator on subjects that have data protection implications. This Regulation is currently under review in order to be brought in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. The European Commission published a proposal on 10 January 2017



EDPS Brochure: Shaping a Safer Digital Future

The EDPS presents its new brochure entitled Shaping a Safer Digital Future to inform the public on our role, tasks, and responsibilities as the European Union’s independent data protection authority. The brochure also includes a snapshot of the EDPS 2020-2024 Strategy. 

We look forward to sharing the brochure in all the official languages of the EU in due course.

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2018 Annual Report - a new era in data protection

2018 was a busy year for the EDPS and a pivotal year for data protection in general. Under new data protection rules, the rights of every individual living in the EU are now better protected than ever. Public awareness about the value of online privacy is at an all-time high.

The 2018 Annual Report provides an insight into all EDPS activities in 2018. Chief among these were our efforts to prepare for the new legislation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became fully applicable across the EU on 25 May 2018 and new data protection rules for the EU institutions are also now in place. Working with the new European Data Protection Board (EDPB), the EDPS aims to ensure consistent protection of individuals’ rights, wherever they live in the EU.

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Investigative activities of EU institutions and GDPR

Letter addressed to the DPOs of the EC, EIB, and EIF on implications of GDPR on investigative activities of EU institutions, notably regarding anti-fraud, competition and trade.


Procedure for avoiding conflicts of interests - Ombudsman

Prior-checking Opinion regarding a procedure for avoiding conflicts of interest at the European Ombudsman (EDPS case 2017-1064)