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Newsletter n°78

The latest edition of the EDPS Newsletter is online now!

Monitoring spread of COVID-19

EDPS Comments to DG CONNECT of the European Commission on monitoring of COVID-19 spread.

EDPS closes investigation into European Parliament’s 2019 election activities

Read the press release.

The moment you realise the world has changed: re-thinking the EDPS Strategy

When we started our work on the Strategy for the five-year mandate of the European Data Protection Supervisor, one of the first issues we discussed was whether it should be either a living document, ready to be changed or adjusted, or a robust, future-proof plan. 

EDPS response to COVID-19 outbreak

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the EDPS has decided to activate its Business Continuity Plan. All EDPS staff will be teleworking from 13 March to 13 April 2020. We understand it as a change of working modality, and we try to operate as normally as possible. We invite you to contact us via our general email:, or using the contact form.

Annual Report 2019

2019 could be described as a year of transition, across Europe and the world. The 2019 Annual Report provides an insight into all EDPS activities in 2019, which was the last year of a five-year EDPS mandate. EDPS activities therefore focused on consolidating the achievements of previous years, assessing the progress made and starting to define priorities for the future. Read the Press Release.

EDPS Newsletter 77

The latest edition of the EDPS Newsletter is online now!

Opinion: negotiations for a new partnership with UK

EDPS Opinion on the opening of negotiations for a new partnership with UK.

AI and Facial Recognition: Challenges and Opportunities

On 13 February, the EDPS organised a workshop to discuss and debate challenges and opportunities of AI and Facial Recognition applications in the future to come.
The event gathered more than 50 leading researchers, experts and practitioners from academia, regulators, business and civil society, to share their insights and experiences to deepen our understanding of the challenges ahead and the possible policy responses.
There was a general consensus that as AI can have a significant impact both on an individual and on society as a whole, clear red lines on certain extremely high-risk scenarios need to be defined where the essence of rights and freedoms of individuals may be at stake.
Artificial Intelligence should be used to improve our lives, individually and as a society, but such improvement should never come at the cost of our values and fundamental rights.

CPDP 2020 - Closing remarks

Closing remarks by Wojciech Wiewiórowski at CPDP 2020.


Jedes Jahr am 28. Januar feiern die Mitgliedstaaten des Europarates und die EU-Einrichtungen den Datenschutztag. Es markiert den Jahrestag der Datenschutzkonvention des Europarates, die als „Konvention 108“ bekannt ist. Es war das erste internationale verbindliche Gesetz zum Schutz personenbezogener Daten. Alles Gute zum Datenschutztag!

The EDPS quick-guide on necessity and proportionality
EDPS Newsletter 76

The latest edition of the EDPS Newsletter is online now!

Right to information - guide for authorities when taking fingerprints for Eurodac
EDSB Stellungnahme - Vorläufige Stellungnahme zum Datenschutz und zur wissenschaftlichen Forschung

Lesen Sie die Stellungnahme.

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