Discover TechSonar, the new EDPS initiative on technology monitoring

The TechSonar reports aim to anticipate emerging technology trends to better understand future developments in the technology sector from a data protection perspective.

For 2021-2022, we have identified six tech trends: Smart Vaccination Certificates, Synthetic Data, Central Bank Digital Currency, Just Walk Out Technology, Biometric Continuous Authentication, Digital Therapeutics (DTx).

Read blogpost by Wojciech Wiewiórowski presenting the project.

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Giovanni Buttarelli Award 2021

Giovanni Buttarelli Award 2021

The Global Privacy Assembly 'Giovanni Buttarelli Award 2021' has been launched. The award, presented annually at the GPA Open Session, ensures that Giovanni's legacy and advocacy for international collaboration continue.


Rückkehr an den Arbeitsplatz und Überprüfung durch die EU-Einrichtungen auf COVID-Immunität oder Infektionsstatus

Lesen Sie die Leitlinien des EDSB zur Rückkehr an den Arbeitsplatz und Überprüfung des COVID-Immunitäts- oder Infektionsstatus durch EU-Einrichtungen.

Trainees Conference

An Orwellian Premonition: a discussion on the perils of biometric surveillance

EDPS and EDPB trainees explore possible implications stemming from the Commission's Proposal on Artificial Intelligence.
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