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"Think privacy" - Data Protection Day, Brussels

"Think privacy" - Data Protection Day, Brussels

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Thursday, 28 Januar, 2010

"Think privacy" - Data Protection Day, Brussels


"Think privacy" is a campaign initiated by European Schoolnet and Microsoft in view of Data Protection Day, celebrated every year on 28 January.

This second edition of the campaign features a Europe-wide “Think Privacy” contest where 15 - 19 year olds are invited to create and submit a short "multi-media poster’" This year’s theme is “Privacy is a Human Right – treat it with care”. Winners were selected by an eminent jury and invited to spend three days in Brussels to attend a special Data Protection Day award ceremony on 28 January 2010 that was also framed by keynotes of prominent policy makers.

Peter Hustinx, EDPS, served as a member of the jury and provided the conclusions and closing remarks to the event.

The ceremony has also served as an opening event for the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference that took place over the next two days and went into more detail in terms of policy discussions.

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