Mit dem Aufkommen neuer Technologien und deren Einbindung in unser tägliches Leben (z. B. Internet der Dinge) ergeben sich neue Formen der Nutzung personenbezogener Daten. In Kombination mit zunehmenden Rechenkapazitäten und immer besseren Erkennungsfunktionen, beispielsweise im Bereich der Biometrik, werfen diese Entwicklungen berechtigte Bedenken bezüglich des Schutzes von Privatsphäre und personenbezogenen Daten auf.



AEPD-EDPS joint paper on 10 misunderstandings related to anonymisation

Technological developments in recent years have steadily increased the demand for quality data. In this context, both public and private entities are considering anonymization as a means to share data without harming the fundamental rights of individuals. However, along with its growing popularity, some misconceptions related to anonymization have become widespread. 

The objective of this document is to raise awareness about some misunderstandings about anonymisation, and to motivate its readers to check assertions about the technology, rather than accepting them without verification.


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Global Privacy Assembly Closed Session 2020 - At your desk

Global Privacy Assembly Closed Session 2020 - At your desk

When: 13-15 October 2020

Where: Online session

The newly renamed Global Privacy Assembly (formerly known as International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners - ICDPPC) took place this year 2020 during the period from October the 13th to October the 15th. This year's event wasn't immune to the COVID-19 pandemic currently occurring. Consequently the place of the event, which initially was planned to be held in Mexico City, had to be changed to a virtual setting, making it the first time that such an occasion was organized online.

Following you can find the resolutions adopted during this year's GPA:


Resolution on Facial Recognition Technology
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Resolution on the Role of Personal Data Protection in International Development Aid, International Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management
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Resolution on Accountability in the Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence
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Resolution on the Privacy and Data Protection Challenges arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Resolution on Joint Statements on Emerging Issues
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